New Reality Productions Presents

with Club Baby 
BOE & BOCES Approved
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A Dynamic, Engaging and Meaningful Musical
Assembly Program for Pre-K through 6th Grade

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The CLUB BABY “Getting FIT FOR LIFE” program is refreshing,
wholesome and interactive, yet captivating and “cool” enough to
effectively impart to the students the ever so important messages
inherent in the State Mandated “Fit For Life" program.
The performance addresses topics such as
drug prevention and viable alternatives, responsibility,
the essence of emotional, physical and social fitness,
good eating habits, respect for the environment and
all those who inhabit it, literacy, fun in learning and much more.

Club Baby is a NYC BOE and BOCES approved, Grammy nominated
and Parents’ Choice Award winning interactive musical education
assembly program. We currently have 13 audio cassettes available
in English and Spanish, and have successfully implemented
the performance program in a number of schools in your district.

Program fee includes full length video and teacher’s guide plus a 
full length audio cassette for each class in attendance.

Bring Club Baby Live to the Schools in Your District !!!
For booking and information (718) 896-5960


Club Baby's first video Getting Fit For Life has arrived!! 
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