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Welcome to the wondrous world of CLUB BABY!
We are proud to offer you a delightfully unique line of high quality
educational entertainment products. All of CLUB BABY's songs
and storylines are non-violent, and nurture your child with positive
moral values which promote love and respect for our environment
and all those who inhabit it. Join the club, CLUB BABY that is, 
and see for yourself what the buzz is all about!!!

Join Denise Lifeson and the exciting world of CLUB BABY
where wholesome upbeat music and lyrics delight children
of all ages and teach them about counting, telling time,
responsibility, environmental values and much more!
Babies, toddlers, children and their parents will find themselves
dancing and humming along to this refreshing and whimsical
original audio experience presented by Denise with a strong sense
of professional sophistication and respect for children.


Grammy nominated & Parents’ Choice Award WINNER (#25 in the list)
• Approved by the Board of Education of the City of New York
• Highly interactive, dynamic, educational and entertaining performance
  appropriate for primary school assemblies, corporate events and libraries
• Expertly designed and individualized program
• variety of musical styles including pop, country, jazz and Latin
• non-violent and nurturing with positive moral values
• Promotes respect for our environment and those who inhabit it
• Cassettes available in English and Spanish

Recent performances include:

•  Madison Square Garden for Radio Disney
•  Time Warner Charity Benefit
•  Viacom Family Day
•  Halloween at Central Park
•  Sesame Street Live at the World Trade Center

CLUB BABY has received consistently
rave reviews with regard to:

he following categories of moral and commercial value:
•  Lyrical Message
•  Musical Content
•  Musical Style
•  Commercial Marketability
•  Family Entertainment Value

It is our hope that you will envision the limitless potential
of CLUB BABY’s development and promotion
for the ultimate benefit of all involved.
CLUB BABY is one product that no CHILD or PARENT
should have to live without.
© 1994, Club baby. All Rights Reserved